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Our Approach

Step 1 – Understanding the Problem

We understand the business requirements and the underlying challenge. This can take many shapes – whether it be a technical challenge like data center automation or performance of virtualization. Regardless of the situation, we work with our customers to understand the goal and objective that they hope to achieve – setting technology aside.

Step 2 – Architecting the Solution

Next, we architecting a solution. By defining both the business needs and then designing the technical system requirements – independent of any existing solution or vendor – we allow our architects and engineers the freedom necessary to create a solution that fixes the underlying problem without being constrained by the pre-determined feature set of a specific product. Simply put, we architect the best solution available.

Step 3 – Design and Deploy

Finally, we build and deliver the solution through our main delivery areas – infrastructure and software sales, professional services. By owing the end-to-end accountability, and taking delivery as far as our customers require, we work to ensure that we accomplish three main objectives.

  • We deliver a solution to the problem. We ensure that the solution achieve the goal – whether that be faster trades, better application response, or lower cost.
  • We deliver ongoing support. We leave the customer in a position to deliver their desired result – leaving their technical teams in a position to manage it on their own – through either hands on training or through our leading technology partners.
  • We deliver IT.