Let’s know about what we deliver

Core Infrastructure

Our Core Infrastructure portfolio is focused on “How to Build It”.  We deliver core infrastructure matched to the business objective.  At UtronMax, we have the expertise and demonstrated experience required to match the infrastructure design to the task or need.

  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Cloud Design and Deployment
  • Data Management

Converged Infrastructure

Combining the promise of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with the security of your own data center, or simply helping you standardize, virtualize and unify your existing compute, storage and network equipment - that’s the goal of converged infrastructure. By integrating virtualization technologies and software tools, IT departments can convert their fixed resources into dynamic pools of infrastructure which are easy to provision, flexible to adjust and far easier to control. UtronMax can help make your core server, storage & network infrastructure faster, smarter and more flexible.

Cloud Design and Deployment

Cloud services offer a tremendous amount of promise, combining both massive scalability with an ever growing list of technical features and associated tools. The challenge, though, for most businesses is understanding how to put these to use. Our team of architects and engineers combine the training and experience necessary to help you design and leverage the scale & features of the industry’s leading cloud infrastructure companies.

Data Management

Growing volumes of increasingly complex structured and unstructured data delivered in real time, combined with the need for greater agility to support new business initiatives, are driving the need for new approach of data management. IT departments face more practical and immediate challenges to deliver, to protect, and to manage critical data. UtronMax has both the technical knowledge and experience in designing, building and delivering integrated and secured data environments to help you create a system to achieve your business needs.